Established in 1988 and licensed for a total of 67 children, we strive to deliver the highest levels of care and education for your children. The best of care is only achievable through employing the best of teachers. We value qualified teachers who are committed to on-going professional development, essential for the delivery of a quality curriculum Inglewood Community Childcare Centre prides itself on is its professional development opportunities available to support and empower teachers to keep on learning throughout all stages of their career.

Our professional support for teachers is second to none. We have the country’s most recognised Professional Guidance programme that supports teachers and keeps them up to date with child development. It helps teachers to be the best they can be so that in turn children can achieve great learning outcomes.

We take pride in our services and ensure that our children have the best educational experiences that are able to be delivered. The independent ERO Report, completed by the Education Office Review, have recognised the service quality with their highest rating available. Inglewood Community Childcare Centre prides itself on the development of robust policies and procedures to ensure that the centre not only meet but surpass the required health, safety, regulatory and legislative requirements required in early childhood education.

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We have detailed documentation regarding the childcare centre’s policies and future planning. All of these can be accessed in the ‘policy” section under Centre in the Educa system. These include:

C2 – Curriculum Procedure
C7 – Transition Procedure
C8 – ICT & Cybersafety Policy
G3 – Complaints Policy and Procedure
HR1 – Human Resource Management Policy
HR2 – Human Resource Procedure
HR3 – Professional Development Policy & Procedures
M4 – Review Procedure
P1 – Partnerships with Parents Policy & Procedure

Good nutrition in early childhood is essential for the normal growth and development of a child. All nutrients required for activity, growth and development must be provided by the food and drinks consumed. Many children spend all day at Inglewood Childcare Centre, so it is important that the food they are provided with is nutritionally adequate.

Babies, toddlers and young children can only eat what they are given therefore responsibility lies with all carers. Early childhood is also a time when lifelong eating habits are formed. Inglewood Community Childcare Centre therefore have an important role in creating a culture of healthy eating and helping children to develop healthy behaviours related to food choices.

It is the aim of the Centre that children who attend have a healthy diet; this will promote an awareness of what healthy eating is for our children, and this will create life-long healthy eating habits.

We will promote healthy eating practices within our centre, through the curriculum and role modelling.Children are encouraged to eat their healthiest foods first. Other items will then be offered if the child is still hungry.

For the wellbeing of the children who attend the following foods cannot be included in a child’s lunchbox:

    • Fizzy drinks Energy drinks
    • Roll-ups Take-away Foods
    • Flavoured milk Chocolates/bars
    • Sweets, lollies & jelly lollies Fruit strings
    • All chip items
    • Juice
    • Crispy noodles
    • Caramelized popcorn
    • Twisties, Rashuns, Cheezels & Burger rings
    • Fruit sticks
    • Pizza, pastries and chocolate covered items will be allowed as occasional items.

An example of a good lunch for your tamariki would be…
Sandwiches, Yoghurt, At least two fruit items, Crackers 1 occasional item, Or for more inspiration, we have plenty of information available on healthy eating at the office!