Fees & Subsidies

What Does it Cost?

In order to ensure all children have access to great childcare, we ensure our fees are affordable and that families have all the information they need to get subsidies they may be entitled to. The price of the childcare will also depend on your required hours and days you wish your child to attend. To enquire about the fees please contact us here: jo@inglewoodchildcare.co.nz or call +64 6 756 8882.


You may be able to get help with paying your fees through subsidies funded by the New Zealand Government.

20 Hours ECE

You may not be aware but the New Zealand government provides funding for 20 Hours of Early Childhood Education for children aged 3 – 5 years, this is to give young children the best possible start in life.

This subsidy is not calculated on how much you earn or means tested, which makes it available to all 3-5 year old children who enrol with us.

If your child is turning 3 and you are already part of the Inglewood Community Childcare Centre family, you will be automatically contacted by our centre staff about applying for the 20 Hours ECE subsidy. If you’re not currently part of Inglewood Childcare Centre, we can discuss your options with you during your enrolment. The 20 Hours ECE subsidy ceases when your child turns 6 or they start school. Read more…

Work and Income Subsidy

Work and Income may be able to help with assistance towards childcare costs if:

  • you are the main caregiver of the child, and
  • your family is on a low or middle income, and
  • you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and
  • your child has at least three hours of care a week.

There are different conditions and requirements that apply before assistance can be given. What childcare assistance is available to you will depend on your individual situation and the type of childcare your child is enrolled in.

As to what you may be entitled to:

WINZ Childcare Subsidy Rates change from time to time. The best thing to do is to go to the WINZ website for the most up to date rates. Read more…

Work and Income Childcare Subsidies are only payable from the date that the application forms are received by WINZ. Don’t delay, complete the forms and get them back to WINZ as soon as you are able as they will not be backdated if the form is received after your child starts care.

Once everything is all approved we can start using your WINZ subsidy to reduce your childcare payments. Remember we don’t approve WINZ subsidies, we can only administer them, and also remember that you are responsible for notifying WINZ of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your subsidy, such as your child being absent from care, sick, on holiday or changes to your personal circumstances.

The subsidies are explained to you in during our enrolment process in much greater detail if you are applying for a subsidy.

Standard Fees

Hourly Rate – Under 2 $7.50
Hourly Rate – Over 2 $7.00
Full-time rate over 30 hours per week: $210.00
Full-time rate with 20 Hours ECE $110.00
OSCAR Rates $10.00 AM / $15 PM / $35.00 per day Holiday Care
Holding Fee (per session) $5.00
Quality ECE Fee (optional per hour, 20 hours ECE Clients) $1.00

Early and Late Fees

5 – 15 minutes early or late: $5.00
15 – 30 minutes early or late: $10.00
30+ minutes early or late: $25.00
Before 7:30am/After 5:30pm and every 10 minutes thereafter $20.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Daily Charge Per Attended Session $2.50
Nappies (each) $1.00

Terms & Conditions

Account Payment

Accounts are generally sent out weekly, to be paid by the stated due date. If payment is not made, the booking may be withdrawn.

The Centre has automatic payment forms available if this is your preferred method of payment, otherwise you can pay by cash, cheque or internet banking. WE DON’T HAVE EFTPOS. Please talk to Jo (Office Manager) if you are unsure of the regular amount to pay.


A holding fee of $5.00 per session will be charged when your child is absent and we have been given more than one week’s notice. Where optional fees are charge for ECE hours, this will become the holding fee for absences.

Early and late fees are enforced so please keep to your booked in times or phone us if you are running late.

If your child is absent or attends for fewer hours than booked, or hours are changed and less than one week’s notice is given you will be charged the full session fee.

If your child is absent due to illness and you notify us before the session begins, you will only be charged the holding fee. Please inform the Centre of this when you phone!

Parents with regular bookings who do not contact the centre when their child is not coming will be charged the full session fee. (No WINZ subsidy will be applied).

If a child misses 5 consecutive bookings with no notification from parents, the bookings will be cancelled and the parent charged for the sessions missed.

If your child will be absent for more than 9 calendar days, but you will still require his/her space, please provide the Centre with a letter stating this, and the expected date of return.

If your child is absent for more than 21 calendar days, all MOE funding is stopped. In order to hold your child’s space past this point you need to pay the full session fee, regardless of 20 hours ECE, or relinquish your spaces.


All eligible 3 & 4 year olds receive “20 hours ECE” for up to 20 hours, in accordance with Ministry of Education conditions. The Centre charges an optional $1 per hour fee for children who receive 20 hours or less ECE, to help cover the shortfall of government funding to our hourly charge. You can agree or disagree to pay this on enrolment, but it is encouraged. Our portfolio costs also apply, and the normal hourly rate, early & late fees and holding fee will apply to hours not covered by Free ECE.

If you choose not to pay the optional charge, the only action we can take is to withhold the services above regulation (extra qualified staff). As we are unable to withhold staff, we ask that you agree to take spaces when we are quietest.

We will charge for extra activities (bus trips/admission fees/Christmas parties etc). Parents are notified by special newsletter/permission slip and charges are always on a user pays basis.

Overdue Accounts

All parents are expected to pay their child’s fees in full before their child leaves permanently.

The Centre reserves the right to suspend your child’s booking if the account becomes unacceptably overdue.

Overdue interest of 5% will be charged on all accounts more than a month overdue.

Accounts that are outstanding for more that 3 months will incur a collection fee of

$292.87 and will be sent to a debt collection agency. Parents are liable for all collection costs.